5-at-10: Has Kirby passed Saban?, Northwestern’s latest misstep, best NFL logos

FILE - Georgia head coach Kirby Smart speaks during NCAA college football Southeastern Conference Media Days, Tuesday, July 18, 2023, in Nashville, Tenn.

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That time of year

So here we are. Early August, and college football has started, and we are starved for any sort of meaningful message.

In truth, the only real news this time of year is almost assuredly bad news.

Injuries. Suspensions. Transfers. Speeding tickets from the Clarke County po-po.

We compensate with lists and polls.

The coaches' poll hit the streets Wednesday. The AP poll will soon follow. Georgia will be ranked 1 in each, and deservedly so.

But one college football interweb site took it a step beyond.

Some site called College Football Blue Bloods ranked the current college coaches. It's not a new idea or concept, and in a time when we all are exhausted by the conference realignment nonsense, we're open to just about anything.

Well, their list goes Kirby, Saban, Lincoln Riley, Ryan Day, Jim Harbaugh as the top five coaches working.

The questions are clear.

First, has Kirby passed Saban?

Second, has Dabo dropped from the top five?

Here's their top 10 — which somehow include whomever the Washington coach is at 10 — and of course I am interested in your thoughts.

Read the room

Part of the mission for every coach in almost every sports is finding that one thing that can galvanize your crew.

A common refrain is playing the "disrespect" card and trying to convince the folks in your locker room that it's them against everyone else.

It's successful, so it's often deployed.

But when those "us against all comers" memos are after some egregious, self-inflicted situations, yeah, it may be time to look in a new direction.

For example, Northwestern football staff members wearing T-shirts that said "Cats against the world" with the No. 51. And yes, the 51 was the number former coach Pat Fitzgerald wore when he played linebacker for the Wildcats.

Fitzgerald, you may recall, was fired during the offseason for the program's culture amid multiple hazing allegations that included acts that were sexual in nature.

Read the room, folks. Especially as you are there on thin ice to begin with and as there are lawsuits being brought against the school and Fitzgerald.

Different not always better

Staying in the greater Chicago area, did you see the story that the Bears are changing their primary logo to a Bear head and making the iconic "C" their secondary logo?

Why, I wish I knew. Maybe it's a money grab for more different gear, but that Chicago "C" is an all-time classic.

So it goes. But it got me thinking — yes, Spy, that's always dangerous — about what are the best logos in the NFL.

You have to start with the Dallas star, right?


This and that

— You know the rules. Here's Paschall on another of those fast-moving UT wideouts. Yes, Joe Milton will have to prove he's ready, but it's hard not to think that this UT offense with Heupel calling the shots is not going to score 40-plus.

— Phillies right-hander Michael Lorenzen threw a no-hitter Wednesday. So there's that. Side note: The Phillies are going to be a handful come playoff time.

— Speaking of the Phillies, these stories are a reminder why we love sports. A 28-year-old rookie who had played more than 700 minor league games made his debut last night for Philadelphia. In his first AB in the show, he homered. Coolness.

— Braves played. Braves won. Braves' bats are bonkers.

Today's question

Lots to get to on an-anything-goes Thursday.

Speaking of the Vols, CBSsports.com offered its UT football Rushmore with Peyton, Reggie White, Gen. Neyland and Johnny Majors. Is that what you would go with? I'd replace Majors with Fulmer, but I can see the discussion.

Also, who is on the Rushmore of your favorite college football team?

Go. And remember the mailbag.