Bradley authorities seek help on ID of gun-wielding road rage suspect

Bradley County Sheriff's Office / This still image taken from video released by the Bradley County Sheriff's Office shows the driver of a Dodge Ram pickup truck stepping out of his vehicle with what authorities identified as a handgun in an incident Friday.

Authorities in Bradley County are seeking the suspect in a road rage incident on Interstate 75 who appears to aim a gun at two big-rig drivers in a video of the incident released by the investigating agency.

The encounter apparently started as tensions rose between two or more drivers headed north on I-75, leaving Hamilton County and entering Bradley County, Paul Allen, a spokesperson for the Bradley County Sheriff's Office, said in a news release containing the video. The incident happened just before noon Friday.

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"As the vehicles were approaching Exit 20, the driver of a silver Dodge Ram pickup truck forced a collision between his vehicle and a semitruck," Allen said in the release. "Enraged, the driver of the silver pickup stopped in the travel lane of I-75 and pointed a gun at the driver of the semitruck. A witness to the events, another semitruck driver, stopped to help and was also confronted by the enraged man who pointed the gun at him."

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In the video taken from the dashboard of the semitruck, the silver Dodge can be seen cutting over from the right lane into left lane directly in front of truck driver, then the driver of the Dodge hits his brakes, causing the semitruck to hit him in the rear. After the two vehicles collide, the driver of the Dodge holds what appears to be a handgun out the driver's side window, then comes to a complete stop in front of the truck, gets out with what appears to be a gun in hand and walks back to his truck out of view of the camera. As that happens, another semitruck stops alongside, and the driver opens his door and says something to the pickup truck driver, who points the gun at him, too. Then the man holsters the gun, gets back in the truck and speeds away.

"No one was reported to be harmed in this incident," Allen said.

Bradley County authorities want people to watch the video to see if they recognize the man or truck or saw the incident about 11:45 a.m. Friday on northbound I-75 south of Exit 20, according to Allen.

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Anyone with information on the incident is urged to call the Bradley County Sheriff's Office at 423-728-7338 or contact investigators through the "Contact Us" form on the department's website.

Contact Ben Benton at [email protected] or 423-757-6569.