The Rant

2023 is beating 2022 in pedestrian deaths, 17 to 6. What an honor for our city. Frazier Avenue is hazardous to your health.

I guess there is no traffic control, no traffic violations anymore. People run lights, drive in the wrong lane, speed, talk on phones. It's dangerous.

I am not ashamed to be an American; however, I am ashamed of how we Americans are acting.

There's nothing funnier than watching the owner of an $85,000 SUV with Trump stickers at a sold-out football game complaining about "this awful Biden economy."

The Vols should give their second-string quarterback a chance to play.

A very special and wise woman, my grandmother, told me a long time ago: You can take the people out of the country but you cannot take the country out of the people. As you can see.

Vrabel and Heupel are looking like they are not getting their teams where their fans want them to be. Way to go, Missouri. Rah, rah, Dawgs.

Mr. Mayor, tires and trash have been thrown on the side of the road for a long time in most of our neighborhoods. What is happening? Who has decided we need garbage to decorate our beautiful Highway 58/North Hickory Valley Road area?

Democrats just don't get it. The fact is not that I am voting for Trump; it's that I am voting against Biden.

Fleischmann is "all in" for Trump, the fascist dictator who led the insurrection on our Capitol. He is our representative!

Rep. Fleischmann visited Mar-a-Lago. He only visits his constituency for a photo-op or to beg for money. He should move south. He is of no use to us.

People, Chuck represents deep red East Tennessee. Don't like it? Get off your duff and vote. That's the way it works.

At Nolan Elementary's Blue Ribbon celebration, Chuck Fleischmann didn't show. I bet if it was an Ooltewah school where he lives, he still wouldn't show. He never shows.

Fleischmann says Democrats will lie, cheat, steal and worry about it later. He's confused — again — because that is Trump he's describing.

Our 3rd District congressman is doing what they all do: Listen to polls in their states, march in lockstep, and hope for another term or two.

Quick. Can anyone name a problem that Joe Biden hasn't tried to solve by throwing our money at it? Talk about a one-trick pony.

Biggest threat to Obamacare and the people who rely on it is the election of Donald Trump next year.

Let's put it out there. Joe Biden is the worst leader of any country in the history of the world. He destroyed his own nation.

Trump party filled with so-called evangelicals, pious hypocrites who claim to love God but hate poor folks.

Of all of his addresses, it is obvious the president's least favorite is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Trump is taking credit for bringing back "Merry Christmas," but it never left where I live.

Have you noticed that the liberals never mention hard work and the American Dream? They expect the government to fulfill their dreams! They demand that our future is socialism.

The American people need to put forth a resolution to expel all 435 members of the House of Representatives for dereliction of duty.

MTG has aligned herself with fraudster George Santos. And fraudster Donald Trump. I'd say she is in appropriate company.

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