Owners’ diverse interests reflected in the food at three popular Chattanooga restaurants

Contributed photography / An assortment of specialties from the menu at SideTrack, 3514 Hixson Pike..

Lawton and Karen Haygood own three popular Chattanooga restaurants, none of which closely resembles either of its sisters in look, feel or menu. Jason Greer, food/beverage director for all three restaurants, says that's very intentional.

"It comes out of what they were interested in at a given time," said Greer, who's also the Haygoods' grandson. Here is Greer's quick take on the signature dishes at each location:

Boathouse Rotisserie and Raw Bar, 1459 Riverside Drive: "It's a big menu, but I would point people to the Trout Almondine. It's not our No. 1 seller, but it's what best represents Boathouse cooking. The Barbeque Shrimp might be up there as well, with the Wood-Grilled Squid. Those emulate all the things Boathouse does well."

  photo  Contributed photography / Sugar's Ribs is at 2450 15th Avenue.

Sugar's Ribs, 2450 15th Avenue: "The ribs, no question. And here's a note on ribs -- when people say 'fall off the bone,' they're describing an overcooked rib. Ours aren't. There's a little chew, a little tension. Ours are the Gucci or Prada of ribs, not Levi's jeans -- not what everyone else is wearing."

SideTrack, 3514 Hixson Pike: "The original conversation was that we wanted to mimic Boston Market, but make it our own, because one of the things we do better than anything is rotisserie. The Salsa Verde wood-fired chicken is the dish we set out to do based on that original concept. For me, it's the best dish in Chattanooga."

  photo  Contributed photography / An assortment of specialties from the menu at Boathouse Rotisserie and Raw Bar, 1459 Riverside Drive.