The Rant

Our PGA just got bought by the Saudis. Sellouts. Sorry to the guys who stayed loyal. What's next, Major League Baseball? Football?

Career advice to recent grads: You can become a millionaire by only working half-days. It doesn't matter which 12 hours.

Best Memorial Day sign I saw: "In memory of many; in honor of all."

I'm wondering if the TFP can publish the Sunday Puzzler and answers any smaller? They are unreadable without a magnifying glass.

Kudos regarding last week's Rant chastising BlueCross and the misspent $100M. I had a preoperative test for which my co-pay was $200. and BlueCross paid $2.98. FACT!

I had to laugh at Clay Bennett's "War On Woke" cartoon in Sunday's paper. Everything he showed is what the woke movement is actually doing to this country!

Governor says NRA wants to round up the mentally ill. Based on how the legislature's behaving, put a fence around the state capitol and call it a day.

New definition of lot lizard: 20 Teslas circling Whole Foods parking lot waiting on five free electric vehicle chargers.

Republican leaders in Tennessee and Georgia gladly accept and "award" federal funds for local projects with no appreciation for Democrats, who actually approved the funding.

I'm OK with increased taxation of the generationally wealthy, but not for people who have worked, sacrificed and saved in pursuit of the American Dream.

Here's a crazy idea for our legislature: Stop pushing hate and start talking about health care, the economy, education. You know, like, do your job.

Why are Chattanooga restaurants so LOUD? If you want a quiet evening with your sweetie, go to the snack bar at the bowling alley.

The bulldozing of a homeless camp was Chattanooga's way of getting ready for "affordable housing."

States want to teach children the risks of legal gambling. Kids already understand. They must sit in unprotected classrooms while gun nuts rule legislatures.

"The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments." -- George Washington

(Times Free Press contributor) Ron Hart said of Biden's latest fall, "I was taught what counts is not how many times you fall down, it's how many times you get back up. Unfortunately, that's not how the field sobriety test works."

Downtown Chattanooga Alliance should consider how filthy, unkempt and rundown their orange vehicles are. If you can't clean up downtown, at least wash your trucks.

Why do people move out to the country because it's quiet and then play music so loud it shakes the neighbors' houses once they move in?

What do you think is the role of direct-to-consumer advertising in the popularity of diabetes/weight loss drugs in the news today?

Is everyone a celebrity? You'd think so on social media. But it's not the case in real life. Hence, conflicts and confusion, especially for young people.

Gov. DeSantis, you should be charged with human trafficking for flying those migrants out of Texas.

Advice to Choo Choo owners; Fire marketing team immediately!

Now that the PGA and the Saudi-financed LIV golf have merged, the new tour will be called the Jamal Khashoggi tour!