The Rant

To Westside developers: When Helen Burns Sharp asks you questions, you need to answer them.

The city and county should rebel against Choo Choo renaming. The Choo Choo is our identity.

Murderer out on bond murders. Fourth-time DUI offender kills. Something is not right.

Retain the name. Chattanooga Choo Choo to honor our heritage, legacy and memory. Restore it to its former glory.

Please stop enriching developers with future tax dollars. How is this legal?

New TFP food writer Andre James deserves a raise!

City defunds Pops in the Park -- essentially canceling it -- and favors/supports Juneteenth. Come on! The Fourth is for everybody.

Thank you for 37 years of informative and entertaining articles, Barry Courter! We will certainly miss you.

Andre James, thanks for rocking local restaurant world with published TFP reviews. Thanks for exposing exaggeration and turning us on to the best locals.

Thanks TFP for the waterlogged newspaper last Sunday. I always look forward to drying out newsprint that could have been avoided if double wrapped.

TFP, if in fact any agency is monitoring water quality of Chickamauga and Nickajack, please publish the numbers and sample locations.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to watch the news without hearing from these annoying lawyers phishing for a lawsuit?

TFP, your coverage of the Negro Leagues tribute by the Lookouts was fantastic. Please nominate it for awards.

Well, the Lord still loves Calvary Chapel and Ms. Pappu, even though they are not interested in preserving our planet. Sad.

A Rant from Belvoir neighborhood: USPS -- I'm constantly getting other people's mail in my mailbox; now my mail is already slit open when delivered!

Sorry, not sorry that Moms For Liberty, also local, has been labeled a hate group for its association with Proud Boys. Leave us alone.

CNN is a little bit Licht(er) today

Unbelievable headline: Twice-arrested former president who sought to overthrow U.S. government sees boost in fundraising, poll numbers. What has happened to our country?

Illogical: Our communities suggest we "buy local." Our federal government gives our tax monies to foreign governments and noncitizens.

The head of the Washington State Equity Department was just fired. The reason: racism. You couldn't make this up.

It's not student loan forgiveness. The debt doesn't vanish into thin air. It's transferred to you and me. I paid my loans. No, on yours.

Just think of all the good Donald Trump could have done if he had run to serve the people and not just himself.

When are the "grownups" in both parties going to stand up for leaders who aren't Biden or Trump?

All the money spent on political campaigns isn't doing any good as the people we elect don't do any good.

Be wary of accepting half-truths; you may be accepting the wrong half.

I'm willing to seriously consider a third party presidential candidate. What do we have to lose?

All Donald Trump had to do was return the boxes. Shipping would have been free, and he would not have been indicted. It's that simple.

Excuse me, but converting a hotel to room rentals, 246 square feet for $1,000 a month, is not affordable housing.

TFP photographer Robin Rudd is a true gem. This community is lucky to have him taking beautiful photos. His work is outstanding.

If Trump wanted to keep something, why not Air Force One? (which he had about as much right to).

Because we have a legal system, when you come here outside of that system, you are illegal. And alien. Whether you like it or not.

I want a leader who speaks well, answers questions, walks well, works full time on the job, is serious about the issues, tells the truth.

If Trump is a billionaire, then why does he ask for our money as soon as he is indicted? Sad.