The Rant

Five billionaires lost in North Atlantic searching for Titanic; 500 refugees lost near Greece searching for a better life. Who gets more news coverage?

Ron Hart said, "Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are set for a cage match MMA-style this summer. If they were men, they'd settle their differences three miles under the ocean, in a rickety submarine, like real billionaires."

Nip and tuck. Nip CVB tourism company out of its taxpayer-funded bubble and tuck it into a department within Chamber of Commerce.

Is lab-grown chicken a way to vegan nuggets?

When prices return to around where they were on Jan. 20, 2021, we'll give Biden credit for lowering inflation. Not until then.

Have you global warming zealots noted what a cool spring we had? It's called weather, and it changes from year to year.

Sorry tourism folks, but Chattanooga needs more of that hotel/motel tax money. There's plenty of tourism here, and we've got bond debts.

Trump told us he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and not lose any voters. Now he is proving it.

Given Trump was his own worst enemy about the 2020 election, Jan. 6 and documents, can any Democrat deny there was no special pursuit of him? Didn't think so.

Republicans, drop the "witch hunt" talk. That ended with burning at the stake.

Trump gets his day in court.

Senate Republicans blocked right-to-contraception bill. Must want women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. Men ready to support wives and gaggles of kids?

Minus Trump, is there one GOP presidential candidate who wouldn't be a more inspirational, thoughtful and brighter leader than Joe Biden?

The Kushners received $2 billion from the Saudis. Then LIV bought the PGA, and the first stop, a Trump golf course. Documents sold maybe?

If the Biden family were Republicans, they would be in jail.

Donald Trump is known for sophomoric insults about liberals — degenerates, communists, thugs, racists — but really now. Mutants? Is he living in a Marvel Comics world?

MAGA, just because you are offended doesn't mean you are right.

Nothing like a Washington, D.C., catfight between our own MTG and Lauren Boebert.

The more dishonorable the Democrats and their agencies look, the better Trump looks. The evaluation scale is changing. They are all dishonorable.

POTUS will do anything to get your vote: Declare a new holiday, raise entitlements, welcome illegals, lower bail. You ask for it, you get it.

Huh? Trump expels MS-13 killers. Biden says, "Hey, no problem, come on back in." The Chattanooga Times opinion page sings praise of ... Biden?

Trump cannot stay out of trouble because his mouth keeps getting in the way.

Republicans, you are at a historic crossroads. Will you support a criminal or the rule of law?

Donald Trump is a more dangerous fool than originally thought. No political experience, failed businessman, born liar, lust for public spotlight 24-7.

Hypocritical Biden claims racism is the USA's scourge when he, as vice president, eulogized in 2010 segregationist, civil rights filibusterer and KKK exalted cyclops Robert Byrd.

How long before Commander in Chief Biden orders all Navy aircraft carriers to be completely electric?