The Rant

Thank you, Times Free Press, for the hope-filled Faith & Family page: Billy Holland, Terry Mattingly, John Stonestreet, along with Bo Wagner and Lauren Hall. Hope is life-giving.

The Fourth Street cement flower planters look fantastic. Nice touch. What a great welcome to the city.

994-day estimate to complete second phase of I-75 interchange work. I bet when the ribbon's cut, I'll still be hitting the same downtown potholes.

Tucker Carlson fans leaving Fox results in the average IQ for remaining Fox viewers going up 50 points.

On Friday nights, I socialized downtown. Scary and disappointing. Same as 1970s. Dirty, loud, bad behavior, litter, marijuana smell. Back to the future. BID tax?

Two legislators in a bar drinking Bud Light. Gun fight starts. Man walks in wearing glitter and shiny pants. They call 911 to report a drag show.

Glad I'm retired and won't have to fight the horrible rush-hour traffic on Hunter Road in Ooltewah once they build the new apartments.

Would someone working in Chuck Fleischmann's office please get Chuck to read the Arkansas Democrat Gazette editorial, "A Fox Poll ...," and, if necessary, explain "percentage" to him.

State lawmakers' cries for shooter "manifesto" before special session on murder weapons is like FDA demanding Julia Child's book of casserole recipes before regulating medicine.

Hollywood writers are on strike. Nothing to worry about. Just use transcripts from legislative session. Fantasy, fiction, horror, bromance all available for the big screen.

Troops sent to the border will do administrative work. You kidding? We need secure borders. They are not. No matter what you hear. Seen it.

Can't find one good economic indicator under Joe. Inflation is real. Look at prices. You buy less. Debt goes up. Banks fail. Dismal.

The side effects of the new Alzheimer's drug can't be any worse than Alzheimer's itself.

The Supreme Court should have called Home Serve to see if they were covered on fixing leaks

Thalidomide was safe, for the woman.

MTG says working with Democrats to avoid debt default would be "career-ending." We can only hope ...

Bad Laws: Shootouts and killings in Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, Georgia. No training, no permit. Bad laws: Repeal now.

Gov. DeSantis, you can't outlaw or ban your way to being president.

What would you do? A Montana lawmaker would let her daughter commit suicide rather than let her transition.

Biden wants to be re-elected so he can "finish the job." Joe, you have been in office for 60 years. What have you been doing?

MAGA right-wingers cheering loudly for Marjorie "Traitor" Greene and Donald "Crime Spree" Trump. Then they wonder why young people won't go to their church.

Guns don't kill people; bullets do. Some are worse than others. Regulate to protect society and first responders. Ban assault weapon ammunition and cop-killer bullets.

To answer the rant that asked if you've ever seen so many incompetents in one place, my answer is Trump and his incompetents. Beyond comparison.

MTG calls Hunter Biden the biggest piece of white trash in America. Is she willing to give up her title so easily?

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