The Rant

I hope the broken city sidewalk in front of the CHATT Foundation is not an indication of how the city will take care of the proposed low-barrier shelter.

Can you make a reckless, untrue statement that causes no harm as a First Amendment right? Watch and see. Might just depend on your party.

Too many panhandlers downtown for me. Too much trash too. I won't be going to the restaurants or bars there. What a shame, Chattanooga.

Our adversaries desire to destroy us. They understand only one thing — strength. This administration only projects weakness.

Has anyone noticed how many people post photos of their lost dogs and cats online? If you are a pet owner, be responsible and extra careful. They depend on you.

Pence has abandoned his run for the presidency. Will anyone notice he is gone?

Paraphrasing a bit, Biden epitomizes the long-standing truism that "a fool and (our taxpayer)" money are soon parted."

The Hippocratic Oath, a foundation of medical ethics, opposes abortion. It was written about 400 BC.

Republicans: When Trump hands out the Kool-Aid, will you drink it, or will you finally come to your senses?

The TFP left out one reason for high-priced Halloween candy. It's the same reason as for groceries: greed.

Democrats, beware. Don't go to sleep in 2024 like you did in 2016, or Putin will get his man elected again.

Every time Trump says, "... your favorite president, me ...," he demonstrates how pathetically insecure he is. Tragic, isn't it?

8,500 dead (and counting), and the President of the United States refuses to call for a ceasefire. You're not the man I thought you were, Mr. Biden.

Today's Republican Party is not the party of Reagan. It is now a party of intolerance, government interference in our private lives and authoritarian government.

Bumbling, stumbling, mumbling missteps describe not only physical aspects of top leaders but also our foreign policies, creating uncertainty around the world.

Want to know how to get a $267,000 loan forgiven? Just become a Supreme Court justice like Clarence Thomas did.

During Biden's presidency, what do Kamala and my grocery bill have in common? They are both out of sight.

It was right for Mike Pence to pull out of the presidential race because he was never really in it.

GOP, now that you have a speaker, it's time you get to work doing the job we elected you for — running our country.

After 13 years in Congress, Chuck barely managed to get 10 votes for speaker, even after groveling to Trump. He has made zero impact.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene stated that "Joe Biden is destroying our democracy." However, as usual, she offers no verifiable evidence of this "destruction."

The U.S. doesn't need Hamas to create fear and terror. It has the NRA.

I guess the world no longer believes in evil. It's really the inconvenient truth. You can see it, and yet you don't believe?

Why don't other countries have horrific mass shootings? It couldn't be our politicians' fault, could it?

Democrats, you failed to act and we ended up with Speaker Johnson; therefore, it's your fault the state in which we find ourselves.

Now and forever, no matter what evangelicals say and do, it will be filtered through the sin and corruption of Donald Trump.

What is the Democrats' plan if Biden cannot run next year? Kamala? Come on. My fourth grade son could beat her.

High-grade rats are slowly parading off the sinking SS Trump. Deranged captain, frothing at the mouth, howls from the wheelhouse.

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