The Rant

R.I.P. Riverbend Festival, you served us well.

Textbook, perfect literal reporting in TFP Business Ponzi article on Oct. 31. New Georgia individual's reported name spelled Conn, and article photo shows an executive wearing MAGA hat.

Anybody for a hydrogen plant investment?

Excellent TFP journalism series on accounting firm-turned-fuzzy hydrogen plant-investment-boiler room. As Jed Clampett often said on Beverly Hillbillies: "WHOO-DOGGIES!"

Clay Bennett: The amount of Islamophobia is minuscule compared to the antisemitism that's going on in this country.

Funnin' with the mainstream mass media: The AP's "Today in history" on page F6 of the Oct. 22 TFP: "Today is Sunday, Oct. 29 ..."

Big River Grille's Broad Street closing is sad news! So many joyful meals and memories. RiverCity Company resembles band playing on sinking Titanic.

Tennessee Republican legislators want to send $2 billion of our education money to other states. Y'all wonder why the rest of America laughs at Tennessee.

Rebuilding the I-75/I-24 split will help with traffic, but what we really need is an I-75 bypass from Dalton, Ga., to Cleveland. Why not that?

Apostle Paul debated worldly wits of his time on Mars Hill. Today we commoners enjoy volleys on Rant. Thanks for the opportunity.

Tuesday's Free Press editorial (from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) "Let's Not:" Let's not stop taking advantage of the wisdom of columnist Cal Thomas in guiding our nation.

Headline writers should not use "so-and-so SPOTS," "so-and-so REVEALS," "so-and-so SHARES," "what you NEED TO KNOW. Weak click-bait writing.

Exodus 22:20: "You shall not molest or oppress an alien, for you were once aliens yourselves in the land of Egypt." Can a two-state resolution be attained, or will revenge and violence continue?

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey commercial during NBC Saturday college pregame show, including images of smiling college students drinking shots, gives me comfort that all is well.

Focus on positive. Optimism prevails. Glass is half full. Hope sustains, because next onslaught of Medicare Advantage TV commercials is only 11 months away!

What do you think would happen if Mexico went into Arizona and started building illegal settlements?

Do you left-leaning Jewish people feel betrayed by your party? I feel it for you.

There is nothing happening in Israel. There is no war. From this point on, it's just pure assassination.

Entertainment A-listers, direct your Gaza ceasefire request to the correct people: Hamas and Israel, and not Biden.

We are witnessing "never again," people. We must stand by Israel. Think it through.

Should we go and murder all of Robert Card's family and everybody who lives on his street because he murdered 18 people? That's Israel.

"Don't." That's the strongest warning ole Joe can produce. Do your children stop when you say "don't"? Bet not. Explains all the trouble we're in.

Chuck Fleischmann's groveling for Trump's support tells me he supports a corrupt, authoritarian, anti-democratic government.

Thank you to the NRA for making high-velocity war weapons available to any American with ability to scrape together a few C-notes.

"God truly hates a lying tongue." MAGA, on the other hand ...

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