5 at 10: Weekend winners and losers and now is the time to Arthur Smith

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey speaks during the NCAA college football Southeastern Conference Media Days, Monday, July 17, 2023, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/George Walker IV)
SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey speaks during the NCAA college football Southeastern Conference Media Days, Monday, July 17, 2023, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/George Walker IV)

Weekend winners

The SEC. Greg Sankey got exactly what he wanted. And maybe what the central office told the stripes was to make sure everyone knew what everyone wanted. The calls in the Georgia game were one thing. The calls — and that call specifically — in Bama's win over LSU were staggering. I hate conspiracy theories, but to ignore the money in play — wait for it — for a 12-1 Alabama with an SEC title and a 12-1 Georgia (if the Bulldogs lose in the SEC title game) come selection Sunday night is foolish.

Fight Club. Rule 1 of Fight Club — we don't talk about Fight Club. Rule 2 of Fight Club — WE DON'T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB.

The Harbaughs. Yeah, Michigan is swiping signs more than Jimmy Conway was stealing from Idlewild Airport in "Goodfellas." (Side question: "Goodfellas" > or < than "The Godfather"? Heck, forget everything else, this is the question of the day.) Where were we? Yes, the Harbaughs. Michigan's D is salty. The Ravens may be the best team in the NFL. And somewhere Daddy Harbaugh is thinking, "Yep, suck on that, football."

Josh Dobbs. Wow, what a moment for a great young man who has exceeded expectations in almost every scenario. Even as a lifelong Falcons fan, watching Dobbs adjust and make the most of his chance was wicked cool.

Weekend losers

The SEC. Greg Sankey, I am happy to be the voice that demands accountability. Saturday was sad. And borderline offensive. And I hate talking about officials. Did you even see the non-call targeting on Jayden Daniels, Greg, or were you at a U2 concert?

Jimbo Fisher. Man, Lane Kiffin has been punking you for goodness knows how long, and Lane tried to give the game away Saturday and you refused to take it. In a weekend of coaching malpractice, is Jimbo at the top of the list? Maybe Jimbo should be on the weekend winners since he likely will be fired and collect $70-plus-million to walk away. Jimbo is awful at this.

Football coaches who are for a lack of a better term, are Phil Mickelson and are too clever by half. Lane Kiffin, kick the extra point. Kansas State, kick the field goal. Coach Prime, your team lost by the seven points you gifted Oregon State before the half because you were being Coach Prime. I could go on. Yes, the Eagles on Sunday are in the proper balance of risk/reward but man, there is a huge difference between being right and being cool. Right, Lane? Oh never mind.

The PGA Tour. This is where the star-sucking the LIV did truly hurts the PGA Tour. Name a player you would pay to watch that was among the top 20 in Sunday's final round? What's that? You didn't know the PGA played this weekend? Exactly. And that's not even getting into the conversation that the Tour now has multiple players suspended for gambling.

NASCAR. Yeah, the France crew should call the PGA folks and tell them the importance of a) stars and b) staying true to your fans in a sport that is driven by individuals. Yikes. Did you know the NASCAR Super Bowl was Sunday? Yeah, me neither — and I am paid to do this.

Coaching malpractice

We mentioned some of the college versions of this above.

I wonder what the thoughts that go through the headsets of those dudes making six-figures a month on game day.

I wonder how many Madden players would/could make better decisions compare to the modern-day football coach.

I offer this with the appetizer that I will say more in tomorrow's TFP, but here's the question:

If you were at bad at your job as Arthur Smith as he is, would you not expect to be fired?

This and that

— UTC choked on its chance. Take that for what you want.

— Dude, please stop with the efforts of making pro athletes' tax concerns something of worry. I don't care that Arik Armstead's weekly paycheck of more than $340K is not what he expected. I get taxes. I pay taxes. But sweet buckets of duckets, manage your money, big fella.

— Here's Paschall's SEC weekend roundup column. As always, good stuff.

— The NBA has started. I would add more if I knew more. I'm not going to pay attention to the NBA — other gambling purposes — until Christmas time. Deal? Deal.

— Yikes, this may be the most expensive "experience" ever. Al Pacino is on the hook for $30K a month for child support. He's 80+, and she's younger than all of us.

Today's questions

Monday is always about winners and losers. So who you got?

As for a multiple choice Monday, let's go here:

Which was the best college football win of the weekend?

— Washington over USC.

— Georgia over Missouri.

— Alabama over LSU.

— Other (and specify).

As for today, Nov. 6, let's review.

Holy bleep, "Meet the Press" debuted on this day in 1947.

Some cool birthdays today. James Naismith. Walter Johnson. Emma Stone.

Also, Sally Field is 77 today.

Sally Field's Rushmore, go.

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