The Rant

Right on, Mark Kennedy! I will keep buying the Sunday paper as long as your column is in it.

When will Graysville Road have resurfacing completed? Karr Street and Kay Circle did not need the resurfacing they received. Who decides this?

Various singular issues should trouble us, but the overriding general one should be the divisive discord sown by our enemies ... and ourselves.

If you think savagery in the Middle East is a myth, I challenge you to read and heed John Grisham's latest book, "The Exchange."

Rusty Wright, do you ever get tired of losing close games? It is the absolute indicator of poor coaching!

City Council moves official meeting times after years and years. What are they hiding?

A recent letter writer made a strong case for term limits. We the people need to push for term limits because incumbents will not act to loosen their grip on power, guaranteed income and lifetime health care.

When we were young, we now-old boomers believed in peace, love, all of us sharing the world. Gen Z is so full of hatred, prejudice. Scary!

Israel dropped 6,000 bombs in one week, which was the same amount America dropped in one year in Afghanistan. The Taliban are still around.

Congress should serve us with a servant attitude; however, the only people they are serving are themselves.

Before politicians talk about a group of people, they should have a copy of their DNA history and post it on their website.

It is the flat-out stupid and uneducated who believe left-leaning U.S. Jewish people feel betrayed by their party.

Republicans blocking Israel aid over Democrats trying to make the super rich pay their taxes? Do you right-wing Jews feel betrayed by your party?

Public servants should be in office because they want to better America. Grifters, liars and cheats, like Santos and Thomas, need to be booted.

I agree with a recent letter writer. I don't see how any American who believes in the Constitution can vote Republican.

Civil War now just a magnolia memory. Alabama senator opens private war on federal officer corps.

Trump bragged in court he has billions more than financial statements [show], yet he begs for money and peddles bric-a-brac to his working class/middle class sycophants.

State Department says biggest threats are terrorists. Why then is the border open? Honestly, it's probably too late. Thanks, Joe.

The truth won't set Donald Trump free. It will put him in jail.

Sleepy Joe has a long road ahead of him. Democrats would do well to have a Plan B in their back pocket.

Blockbuster film about Napoleon coming to the big screen. Assumed it was Trump's biography, but after seeing the movie trailer, the original Napoleon was far more intelligent.

Rep. Greene's childish name-calling (emulating her orange messiah) is wearing thin. I am her constituent, a liberal Democrat and absolutely not a communist.

Putting a gag order on Trump is like telling a child not to raid Halloween treats. Ain't gonna happen.

The world is on fire, America is drowning in debt and all the Democrats can do is spend, spend, spend. Ridiculous. When will we wake up?

"I will always be on the side of those who have nothing and who are not even allowed to enjoy the nothing they have in peace." — Federico Garcia Lorca

As an engineer in a cubicle, I am still mad that Dillbert was cancelled!

It feels dangerous to walk around town. Vagrants camping behind dumpsters, in doorways, on any bench. Most not well. Unwelcoming to our guests.

Never forget 30 plus Americans killed in Israel on October 7th. If this occurred here on US soil, imagine the backlash. Imagine. No ceasefire advice.

If you feel poorer, buy fewer groceries, can't fill your gas tank, can't afford a house — are you believing the Bidenomics rhetoric? You feel facts.

When did Republicans become protectors of tax cheats? Isn't repeatedly cutting taxes for the rich enough?

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