Cemetery in Meigs doesn’t honor vets and more letters to the editors

Cemetery in Meigs doesn't honor vets

The Chattanooga National Cemetery is a jewel in the interior of the city. It's one of the most beautiful and well-maintained eternal resting places for our veterans. As we have heard, the government purchased property in Meigs County, Tennessee, to be used as an extension when the current cemetery runs out of burial space.

I just can't see an extension being so far away from the current location. Paying respect and homage to our vets has more meaning at the current location, where a populous amount of traffic passes/visits daily.

Imagine if they purchase the property starting at Main Street or Bailey Avenue traveling north to 3rd Street, all of which are bounded by Holtzclaw Avenue. This would create a grand property area, much like Arlington Cemetery, yet all a part of the current location.

Yes, it means acquiring the entire Warner Park location also. Warner Park can be relocated to another site in Chattanooga, perhaps a larger property site on Amnicola Highway or the Enterprise South area off Bonny Oaks.

As for the Meigs' location, it would be like anything else, out of sight and out of mind. That doesn't seem like honoring our vets. Just a thought.

Timothy Sanford

Get ready, next war could be in America

In less than three years, our country has gone down the sewer. High crime, inflation, thousands of drug deaths, a weakened military, border out of control.

Wars in the Middle East, countries joining in and they don't like America.

Our country is divided over Israel. And all our president and Democrats are worried about is getting former President Donald Trump indicted with charges that other presidents and half of America have done. This is wasting taxpayer money.

Meanwhile, as cartels and terrorists come into our country with lots of money and power, we will have a war right here in America. When they attack us, we will not be ready.

Americans better start getting prepared because our government and president don't care.

Anita Amico

Rocky Face, Ga.

Wants opinion on Trump's declarations

I wonder why the Free Press opinion page has not said anything about Trump's latest declarations of what he intends to do if elected next year?

Why is it that only the progressives show concern that Trump's threats sound strangely like Hitler's "Mein Kampf."

The Free Press page is losing an important educational opportunity. The editors could discuss Trump's plans/threats and their potential constitutional, legal and historical consequences.

This is an opportunity to educate the public in general and Trump followers in particular of the dangerous path Trump is outlining and a more rational conservative concept for the future.

The Republican Party of Goldwater, Reagan and Bush has always stood strong for the constitution and the law. Trump stands only for himself.

His only plan seems to be self-preservation and nationwide personal vengeance.

I challenge the editors of the Free Press page to prove otherwise, and to present a different conservative vision.

Katheryn A. Thompson

It's a shame America helping flatten Gaza

Enough, already.

The news from Gaza is terrible: "Al-Shifa Hospital is no longer functional. Residents are unable to flee the bombing." Why are we silent? Why do we support Israel?

Yes, it was Hamas who struck first with unheard of brutality, killing and kidnapping innocent Israeli civilians. That was one day. Now Israel has been bombing and attacking more than 2 million innocent Palestinians in Gaza for over one month. Thousands of buildings have been flattened — schools, mosques or hospitals. Adding insult to injury, Israel has cut both power and water lines. Very little food or fuel has been allowed into Gaza. These are medieval and inhumane tactics.

Two wrongs do not make a right. What Israel is doing now is very wrong. America helps Israel do wrong by financing its revenge. We also help Israel by our silence. Silence equals consent. I do not consent. I am an embarrassed and ashamed American. We are better than this.

Crystal Eckert


Why do Palestinians tolerate Hamas acts?

Noticing the recent column by Franklin McCallie questioning why "good" Germans didn't reject Hitler during World War II, and supposing they didn't all hate Jews, I wondered why he didn't ask the same question of Palestinians. Surely, they don't all want to destroy Israel and all Jews. Yet they tolerate the Hamas government. If they are so innocent, as some claim, why do they do that?

Isabel McGraw

Signal Mountain

A few questions for Trump supporters

I have a lot of questions for Trump supporters about why they think he should be elected again. But there's not enough room here to ask them all.

To his supporters, I ask: Do you read the statements he makes about having an enemies list and what he would do with the people on that list? Have you heard him use language to describe his adversaries that mimics what Hitler said about the Jews, calling them vermin? Have you heard him attack the Constitution? Are you aware that he has left a trail of destruction in his dealings with others, like not paying his bills?

I could go on. Why don't you care about any of this? What did he do for you when he was president before?

A final question: Why do you think he belongs in the White House instead of the big house?

Cathy Dreger

Dems want different, not 'more,' 'bigger'

How refreshing to see parallel editorials arguing that the gun laws supported by Voters for a Safer Tennessee are reasonable and constitutional.

Still, I read the Free Press side knowing what was coming, and it did: After the acknowledgment that the main problem is legislators who aren't responsive to their constituents because of gerrymandering, the assertion that another problem is Democrats, who are "slaves to identity politics, more spending and bigger government."

Opinion writers who trot out this trope are part of the problem, for sure.

As a Democrat, I don't want "more" or "bigger." I want "different." I want a state government that: prioritizes and invests in Tennesseans, not special interests and wealthy corporations; that won't turn away our federal tax dollars; that won't siphon our state tax dollars into private pockets; and that lets us live our lives in peace. I can't imagine a bigger government than one that would force its way into our doctor's offices.

What you call "identity politics," I call speaking up when marginalized groups are bullied by people in their communities or their own government. Perhaps if more folks in Smiths Station, Alabama, practiced identity politics, Pastor "Bubba" Copeland would still be alive.

Allison Gorman

How about a restroom for needy taxpayers?

Driving through the Ocoee River basin recently, I needed a restroom. The taxpayer-built facilities in the taxpayer-bought basin were "Closed for Winter." I witnessed two older fellows checking all of the locked restroom doors as they obviously were in some degree of need.

As I thought about it, it occurred to me that someone is not thinking. Traveling through the 31 miles of beauty, there are no coffee shops or gas stations because the federal government doesn't allow that sort of thing in taxpayer-owned parks. TVA apparently thinks taxpayers who built those restrooms don't have a need for restrooms in winter months. If they do, they will have to drive several miles to use taxpayer-owned businesses at either end of the basin.

I am sure this will go unchanged as long as there are bureaucrats running the show in Tennessee. Until, that is, a U.S. senator or some other member of the ruling class drives through and needs to use a restroom.

Tom Hardigree

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