This Chattanooga event made a national list of Thanksgiving traditions; take our quiz to see how it fared

Staff Photo by Matt Hamilton / Runners and walkers begin the Grateful Gobbler walk/run in Coolidge Park on Thursday, November 24, 2022. Over 5,000 people participated in the event which served as a fundraiser for the Maclellan Shelter for Families.
Staff Photo by Matt Hamilton / Runners and walkers begin the Grateful Gobbler walk/run in Coolidge Park on Thursday, November 24, 2022. Over 5,000 people participated in the event which served as a fundraiser for the Maclellan Shelter for Families.

Does Thanksgiving always fall on the last Thursday of November? What shopping observance falls between Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday?

Test your knowledge of the holiday with our Thanksgiving trivia quiz.

1. True or false: Thanksgiving has always fallen on the last Thursday of November.

Answer: False. President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday of November as a national day of thanksgiving in 1863, but the date was changed to the fourth Thursday by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939 to boost the economic recovery after the Great Depression. The earlier date, since November sometimes has five Thursdays, meant more shopping days. The fourth Thursday was established by Congress as a federal holiday in 1941.

2. Fill in the blank: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, _____ Sunday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday.

Answer: Artists Sunday. Created in 2020, the national marketing campaign encourages shoppers to support artists and other creatives when shopping for gifts.

3. True or false: Half of Americans say they are forgoing gifts this year due to inflation.

Answer: False. A WalletHub 2023 Holiday Shopping Survey found the answer is closer to 1 in 3.

4. True or false: Black Friday prices are always a store's best deals.

Answer: False. According to the previously cited WalletHub survey, about 13% of items at major retailers will be more expensive on Black Friday than their prices leading up to the holiday. The survey also found that JCPenney, Macy's and Belk are among the best places to shop on Black Friday, with the stores offering an average discount of 55%.

5. True or false: Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama are among the states that love Black Friday the most.

Answer: True, if you base "love" on very specific criteria related to internet searches and spending habits. Experts at online fashion retailer BoohooMan analyzed 97 terms related to Black Friday and sales over the past two years, calculated the monthly average in each state, then compared those numbers to recent population estimates. The top state feeling the Black Friday love was West Virginia, with an average monthly total of 1,794 searches per 100,000 residents for terms related to shopping and sales. Tennessee was sixth with 1,612 searches, Alabama was ninth with 1,575 searches and Georgia was 13th with 1,510 searches.

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6. In which state will you get the biggest feast on Thanksgiving? Hint: The tri-state had the overall winner for splurging on dinner and another that was deemed among the stingiest.

Answer: According to gaming authority, the national average expected to be spent on Thanksgiving dinner is $107, a number based on a survey that asked 2,500 Americans planning to host Thanksgiving how much they've budgeted. Alabama has the biggest spenders, with an average of $177 worth of food on the table. Georgia fell below the national average at $95, and Tennessee was among the stingiest, with an average total of $65. Only Arkansas, with a $40 average budget per host, was stingier.

7. True or false: The average cost of Thanksgiving dinner is lower this year compared to last year.

Answer: True. According to the latest findings from Scholaroo, a financial and educational firm, the national average price for a Thanksgiving dinner this year is about $75, which is nearly 11% cheaper than it was in 2022. Georgia had one of the biggest changes in price, dropping from about $89 in 2022 to just more than $71 in 2023, a difference of about 20%. Alabama and Tennessee recorded 13% drops, from $81 to $70 in Alabama, and $80 to $69 in Tennessee.

8. What percentage of Thanksgiving meals include completely homemade foods?

A. 35%

B. 42%

C. 77%

D. 94%

Answer: C. That holiday insight is also from Scholaroo. The number is similar to findings by Technomic, a management consulting company for the foodservice industry. As reported in Nation's Restaurant News, the Technonic data found nearly one-fourth of consumers will likely purchase a full Thanksgiving meal for pickup from a restaurant, and 22% plan to use restaurant food for at least part of their Thanksgiving meal. However, a HungerRush survey found 64% of consumers said they plan to order at least one food item from a restaurant to include in their holiday celebrations, while 37% said they'd order their entire holiday meal from a restaurant.

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9. True or false: Among Americans' favorite Thanksgiving weekend traditions, Chattanooga's Grateful Gobbler 5K is more popular than Black Friday shopping at Minnesota's Mall of America.

Answer: False, but the Grateful Gobbler did land at No. 44 on the list of 80 most cherished Thanksgiving weekend traditions in a survey by photo book maker Mixbook. The survey of 3,000 Americans put parades in Philadelphia, Detroit, St. Louis and Silver Spring, Maryland, in the top four positions, followed by Mall of America shopping in fifth place. The report described the Grateful Gobbler as way to kick off the holiday morning "with purpose and vigor."

10. On average, how many dishes (turkey, sides, etc.) are on the Thanksgiving table?

A. 3-5

B. 6-7

D. 8-9

D. 10-12

Answer: B, according to a survey of 500 home cooks by America's Test Kitchen. The survey also found 88% of cooks will be prepping for the meal ahead of time, 69% use the classic roasting method for cooking Thanksgiving turkey and 90% of respondents said their turkey at the previous Thanksgiving was perfectly cooked.

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  photo  File/Stephen B. Thornton/Arkansas Democrat-Gazette / Thanksgiving dinner is a ritual for the majority of American families.

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