The Rant

If bike lane paint could fill potholes, Chattanooga would have the smoothest roads in North America. Thump.

Bypass? Chattanooga bypass? Chattanooga's roads and infrastructure have been bypassed for decades. And we will suffer consequences until cars can fly.

Update old Ben's declaration that "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes" to include those annual TVA bonuses.

About a recent editorial, it would be a stretch to consider our Republican legislators heroes if and when they finally pass reasonable gun laws.

What will Chatt-anoogans say if the price for the new Southside Chattanooga Lookouts stadium reaches well into six figures? Will they pony up?

Sen. Todd Gardenhire's office in Nashville said they have never heard that two lanes going in and out of Chattanooga on I-24 is a problem. Where does he live?

A "red flag law" seems like common-sense gun control legislation.

The only thing I can see going up around The Bend is all that raw sewage in the Tennessee River.

And now for the latest chapter in the age-old story in Hamilton County: No one wants their school closed. Cry me a river. This is a time for political leadership.

We have to pay for a "leakage" study to find out how many folks are going to Atlanta or Nashville to travel? Sign me up for that $15,000 gig!

Thanksgiving wishes: Ceasefire in Gaza, Ukraine is victorious, gender-affirming care is guaranteed, and Biden and Trump pull out of the race.

Quick, somebody tell the coral and the hurricanes that they are not following the climate change warnings. Get them on board!

Win or lose, Trump will destroy America starting from the Nov. 5, 2024, election.

Aides wanting Biden to walk shorter distances on camera and to wear tennis shoes just means he is too old to be running for president.

If you persist in calling Biden "Crooked Joe," then I will have to refer to you as "Insurrectionist Donald."

Gee, which would I want for president? An elderly guy with balance issues? Or a lying, cheating, wannabe dictator three years younger?

I wonder about ranters who incorrectly blamed Biden for high gas prices. Are they praising him now that gas prices are so much lower?

It's a fact the RATE of inflation has slowed. But prices for everything are still much higher than when this Democratic administration took office.

All you sanctuary cities: It sounds real virtuous until you have to pay for it, live it, see it, experience it. No sympathy from me.

MAGA means My A— Got Arrested.

Retail theft totals $100B. Who pays for that loss? You and me. Vote for secure retail, borders, cars, homes, cities, universities. Check out your candidate.

We don't need a president whose diplomatic skills consist primarily of creating nasty nicknames for his opponents. Trump is a bad joke.

Democrats need to wake up to reality and figure out who the understudy is — and it's not Kamala. Get real.

Wake up! We are on a path to dictatorship! Trump made clear he wants to destroy Democratic Party he calls vermin! Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

What the left has never seemed to get is that this country is in the middle. That's not rocket science. Don't run to wacky, wacky left. You will be alone.

If you say something enough times, it becomes true. This is Trump's strategy for everything he wants people to believe. No facts needed.

It's so painful to watch our commander in chief speak. It really, really shouldn't be. He projects weakness, confusion, illogical thought process.

Chuck Fleischmann doesn't respond to constituents. Guess some of us aren't big enough donors or won't make headlines for him.

Ron Hart said on TV: "A cease fire will allow humanitarian aid into Gaza. Hamas run hospitals reported to be running low on supplies, like bullets and grenade launchers." Spot on!

Sen. Joe Manchin should be our next president. The White House will be the Manchin mansion. That will be fine with me.

Mark Twain, a great writer, wit and social commentator, said, "Don't give money to politicians ... it just encourages them."

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