The Rant

RiverCity website: "downtown's best place to do business and have fun." Quit overselling; acknowledge "boiling point" violent crime as other leaders have responsibly stated.

Can anyone name the fools who think keeping a mental health hospital in a national park is a good idea? Move it.

Botched prosecutions, lost evidence, plea deals, lesser changes, low bail, suspended sentences. It's party time for the bad guys in Chattanooga.

The letter writer who endorsed paying bribes proves my point: the developing American way is just throw money at a problem and hope it goes away.

Downtown crime, aggressive panhandling and filth are making the Scenic City ugly.

Hamilton County and Chattanooga leaders, thanks for reinforcing downtown CPD patrol personnel with PIT maneuver-trained deputy sheriff officers. Be tough on violent crime. Please.

New air service to Denver, Colorado? Where is the direct flight to New York that we used to have?

Did you ever think you'd live in a state that refuses billions in federal dollars?

No Coneheads! Great news walking bridge will be improved and beautified. Make pedestrian detours safe. Don't use "plastic cones." Use concrete barriers. Vehicles are lethal.

BCBST, stop killing trees with all your mail and tell your third party people to stop calling me

Marsha Blackburn, supporting Trump is much more dangerous to security of the world vs firing NSA's Jake Sullivan.

Whenever I see one of those "Coexist" bumper stickers, I wonder what that person must be thinking now.

They added two groups to the terrorist watch list: Congressional Democrats and Republicans for not passing spending bills in a timely fashion.

If Jim Jordan can even be considered as a leader of Republicans, they're in worse trouble than I thought.

When you cut taxes for the rich over and over and over, 4th grade math shows you're going to get deficits.

Existing debt and debt service plus rising interest rates plus inflation plus government waste plus further deficits plus increased age- and need-related social services equals one solution: more taxes.

If we can spend millions and potentially billions to house the migrants, why can't we spend a like amount to jail the looters and criminals?

Election denier Jim Jordan, a Trump "wanna-be," to replace "My Kevin"? Wow. Endorsed by Trump and Matt Gaetz.

Freedom is going, going, gone.

In September 1938, British, French, German and Italian settled the Munich Agreement, pacifying Hitler, allowing Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland. So we must help Ukraine.

Tens of thousands of illegals allowed into this country. Import Third World, become the Third World.

If the Palestinians laid down their arms, there would be peace, but if the Israelis laid down theirs, they would be slaughtered.

Crime, corruption, Afghanistan, Ukraine, border, education, inflation, currency devaluation, national debt, cost of living, disrespect of American institutions and values, free everything. Enough. Vote accordingly.

Can ole' Joe draw a red line and mean it? We'll see.

Isn't it interesting that no one is offering the Palestinians refuge in their countries. Says a lot.

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