The Rant

Positive, aspirational rant: Coach Rusty Wright, your motivation speech to UTC football players was reported as transformational. Please, please take this speech to local, at-risk teenagers!

Developers are adding about 500 apartment units off North Shore. How are we going to travel down Manufacturer's Road? Can't go now.

When will the major arteries in Chattanooga be paved? This is where most of the traffic travels. Duh.

Let's see: Interest rates driving up cost of Titans' stadium; same phenomenon in Knoxville for Smokies. What about the Lookouts' new play palace?

Whether they get an impact study, developers in South Carolina and elsewhere from out of town aren't worried about heavy traffic. They don't live here to deal with the congestion.

Thanks, TFP, for publishing weekly the "Toni Says" Medicare column. I'm approaching Medicare age. The complexity she exposes and explains is scarier than Stephen King movies.

Traffic "studies" to enable suffocating North Shore and Ooltewah development? Don't waste time and money. Growth has outstripped infrastructure past tipping point. Sinking like lead Zeppelin.

So all of Chattanooga's dense development will discourage people from having/driving cars? Is that the point?

Young children play and swim in the water that runs through Heritage Park. Has that water been tested for pathogens and bacteria?

A fly-in residential community for Hixson but no housing for the homeless?

About abortion, please see Psalms 139:13-18, which explains how God views the unborn and how he expects them to be treated.

It is chilling that Republicans are against the right to contraception ... definitely not pro-child/family and definitely pushing us backward into Third World status!

Re: Weston Wamp's staff finances. Not only is his staff bloated, expensive compared to Coppinger's, there's salary sex discrimination: Coppinger's male chief of staff — $170,147; Wamp's female chief of staff — $131,107!

The article on development on Manufacturer's Road failed to mention it is also an access to/from Highway 27. The excuse that a city employee misinterpreted the need for a traffic study is baloney.

Welcome to Hixson, home of more car washes, coffee shops and chicken places than you will ever need!

Ron Hart's humor helps with this disaster in D.C. I just wish TFP would not just post liberal AP and NYT news. Nice that the editorial pages are balanced, but what you run in 95% of the rest of the paper is way left.

TFP, please find and regularly publish the water quality readings for Chickamauga and Nickajack with sample locations and the reporting agency or department.

If you wouldn't want to entertain a thought different from those you already have, homeschool your children so they will be narrow-minded, too.

Perhaps Tommy Tuberville should go back to patting young men in tight pants on their rear ends.

I might know more about a given subject than 99% of people in the world. Great. That leaves only 80 million ahead of me. Humbling.

We will hear no more complaints about the poor of America when you have way more than $100 billion going to "just" sports betting.

For the safety of the public and law enforcement, please don't leave your car keys in your vehicles or your guns in your garages.

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