The Rant

"Gentrification" is the wrong way to describe CHA's approach to Westside residents trapped in surrounding redevelopment. Conscious-less, paramilitary and heavy-handed are more accurate.

Shame on you, House Speaker Sexton. Now you want to refuse federal funding support for low-income, ELL and disabled students. That's real Christian.

If CARTA is going to upcharge us to park downtown, then let's have a full accounting of where that $900,000 is going to go. Transparency.

Maybe J.D. Frost should take advice from his own book, "The Daily Ledger." Write down several times to pay your employees first before vacationing.

Wondering about AC costs for Hamilton County Schools in August. Can't we just start after Labor Day? Murray County successfully made the switch years ago.

TFP Chatter magazine's "20 under 40" issue, celebrating the failed CPA firm leader, begs the question: Does the "40" refer to age or IQ?

Show me Croft and Frost's mugshots, and then show me a picture of them behind bars. Then I'll know our justice system works.

The TFP article about pizza folks recommended definitely missed Stevarino's for its Stevarino's Special Pizza! It is the best I've ever had.

Teachers need to go back to teaching educational materials instead of all of the woke ideas.

Very few third graders fail the reading tests if they were read to nightly from age 1 until they are taught to read. Are you a parent blaming teachers?

Teacher: One who works for low pay, fears potential catastrophe daily and endures criticism from parents who don't attend PTA meetings or teacher conferences.

You should see the video of Lauren Bimboebert at the theater. Not exactly family values on display.

Iran/U.S. prisoner exchange, plus $6 billion: Joe, whatever happened to the Founding Fathers' slogan, "Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute"?

If Sen. Menendez is forced to resign, then Justice Clarence Thomas should also be forced to resign.

I did a Google search on gold bars. Within one minute after closing, I got eight ads for gold bars on my news browser. Creepy.

Dear Lord, I ask that you guide the leaders of our country. May they have integrity, morality and leadership ability. This is not what we have now.

According to the most recent survey by Chapman University, unsurprisingly the number-one common fear among Americans is corrupt government officials.

Freedom Caucus is going to shut down the government if they don't get their unpopular demands. Not just selfish, stupid. It's blackmail; we're hostages.

If the government shuts, the only people who shouldn't get paid are the ones who caused it: Congress.

We can give billions to Ukraine at the drop of a hat but little to border and to keep government running while we trim expenses and entitlements.

The Senate should be worrying about Ukraine and inflation and not some silly dress code.

Self-verifying becomes a romanticized delusion when a quote from some old book of 95% mythology somehow becomes believable.

Are we going to be like Chicago and have shootings every weekend? Looks like it.

A good man said Trump was running to stay out of prison. I agree.

We should have elected the Corleone family instead of the Bidens. Vito had more honor and decency than this bunch and "Godfather" Joe.

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